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Research Collaboration Programme 2016

The Research Collaboration Programme seeks to inculcate a vibrant research environment and to promote global collaboration with research scholars of leading universities around the world. Through this programme, researchers are invited and supported by the School for short-term visits of up to two weeks for joint research with the School's faculty.

Wang Xiaohu, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
Discipline: Econometric Theory, Financial Econometrics, Time Series Analysis
Date of Visit: 1 July - 31 July 2016

Zeng Tao, Wuhan University
Discipline: Econometrics, Bayesian Econometrics
Date of Visit: 4 July - 31 August 2016

Kohei Kawaguchi, Hitotsubashi University
Discipline: Industrial Organization, Microeconometrics, Quantitative Marketing
Date of Visit: 11 Sept - 24 Sept 2016

Yong Wang, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Discipline: Economic Growth, Macro Development/Trade, Political Economy, China and India Economies
Date of Visit: 16 Oct - 29 Oct 2016

Takuro Yamashita, Toulouse School of Economics
Discipline: Mechanism Design Theory, Contract Theory, Game Theory
Date of Visit: 5 Dec - 15 Dec 2016

Jordi Masso, Barcelona Graduate School of Economics
Discipline: Game Theory, Social Choice
Date of Visit: 6 Dec - 15 Dec 2016

Toshihiko Mukoyama, University of Virginia
Discipline: Macroeconomics (Business Cycles, Unemployment, Economic Growth), Income and Wealth Distribution, Contract Theory, Political Economy
Date of Visit: 15 Dec - 21 Dec 2016

Hyuncheol Bryant Kim, Cornell University
Discipline: Applied Microeconomics: Development Economics, Health Economics, Labor Economics, Public Economics, and Education Economics
Date of Visit: 26 Dec 2016 - 6 Jan 2017

Mitsukuni Nishida, Johns Hopkins Carey Business School
Discipline: Industrial Organization, Quantitative Marketing
Date of Visit: 19 Feb - 25 Feb 2017

Simon Grant, College of Business and Economics
Discipline: Microeconomic Theory; Mathematical Economics
Date of Visit: 17 Mar - 31 Feb 2017

Guillaume Rocheteau, University of California at Irvine
Discipline: Markets With Frictions, Money, Liquidity, Unemployment
Date of Visit: TBA

Last updated on 29 Jun 2016 .