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Master of Science in Financial Economics (MSFE)

Helps you on your journey from the Classroom to the Boardroom


A rigorous curriculum linking economics and econometrics to finance
Advanced tools of economic theory, financial econometrics statistical computation
Domain knowledge of the workings of the financial markets
Academic and industry seminars for students with applied and research tracks

Last updated on 12 Apr 2018 .

Aje Saigal
CEO,CIO, Nuvest Capital
Ex-Managing Director, Economic Policy
Governement of Singapore Investment Corporation
SKBI Advisory Board Member


"The MSFE degree programme leverages inter-disciplinary academic rigor, strong industry relationships and Singapore’s strategic location to offer unparalleled insights into the many challenges and opportunities of the “emerging global economy” that face practitioners, policymakers and regulators today."

Prajakta Kharkar Nigam
Senior Economic Analyst
Financial Stability Department
Bank of Canada

Dean Li Gan
SWUFE and Professor
Texas A&M University



"The MSFE programme SMU offers is definitely an ice breaker for students from SWUFE, It is a great programme with supreme quality, comprehensive training and intensive drilling."

Du Ting
MSFE, 2014
Inaugural Standard Chartered Bank MSFE Award Recipient

"The MSFE Program has taught me how to analyse finance issues from a global perspective. It enables me to make an objective judgement in a complex real world case. With the help of professors here, I have gained knowledge of the fundamental theory, as well as the project experience of dealing with real world cases. They really know how things work in the market. Using the advanced tools, I am more confident to link the data analysis to the real financial world applications. I think that is a key strength for me in the job market."