SMU Economics Collective

[Experience that Connects]

The inaugural session of the SMU Economics Collective, Experience that Connects, was held on 11 March 2017. The event was opened to graduating students from all junior colleges and polytechnics, and garnered the participation of 70 students.
This one-day immersion programme was organised by our final year students, Darren Toh, Gerald Foong and Jason Lim and supported by the School of Economics Associate Dean, Professor Massimiliano Landi, Assistant Professor Madhav Aney, as well as several other Economics senior students and alumni. 
Through this programme, students had a chance to experience a real SMU Economics seminar class and to hear what our alumni and current students have to say about their SMU Economics journeys.
You can check out the event photos by clicking here.
Looking forward to seeing a new cohort of students next year! 
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