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Why SMU Economics?

Our Economics degree programme is designed to provide a strong understanding of modern economic theory, inculcate independent thought about economic policies and problems, develop the capacity for quantitative research, and provide descriptive knowledge about the local and global economy.

Beyond the conventional economics curriculum, we offer you the flexibility to specialize in the Quantitative Economics Track (QET) that will give you a competitive career edge in the industry.

The BSc (Econ) is a full-time four-year direct meritorious honours programme. Students will need to complete 36 courses, an internship and a community service programme.

The distinctive features of BSC of Economics are:

• The BSc (Econ) programme is broad based, offers flexibility in the choice of subjects, and at the same time, allows the student to major in Economics or double major in other fields.

• The double major in Economics and Finance programme is especially attractive to students who wish to build a career in the financial sector. Moreover, further reflecting the synergy between the various SMU degree programmes, students are able to enroll for double degree programmes in Economics and Business, or Economics and Accountancy.

• Students who wish to graduate with Honours are required to complete a Senior Thesis Seminar course, which is equivalent to two course units.

• Each student can choose his/her courses according to his/her preferred interests and pace. In order to cater for this flexibility, a wide variety of courses are offered in each subject areas. On average, students read 4 to 5 courses per term. Each student must read at least 1 course unit and not more than 5.5 course units per term.

• The BSc (Econ) is a full-time four-year direct meritorious honours programme. However, many students can expect to complete the programme in less than 4 years with Advanced Standing or fast-tracking by taking some courses in Term 3 of the academic year. Students with advanced standing may be granted credits of up to six courses.

• Classes are deliberately kept small, averaging 40 students each. Students are assessed continuously through class participation, assignments, projects and examinations.

• The school adopts the American GPA (Grade Point Average) system for grading. On successful completion of the BSc (Econ) programme, students will be awarded the BSc degree accordingly, depending on their overall performance:

·         BSc (Econ) cum laude (with honours),

·         BSc (Econ) magna cum laude (with high honours) or

·         BSc (Econ) summa cum laude (with highest honours).



Last updated on 25 Jan 2016 .