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SOE Alumni Group

On Friday 27 April 2012, the School of Economics launched its very own alumni group. The SOE Alumni Group is headed by Jackson Tan, who graduated in 2010.

Executive Committee 

President  Jackson Tan Sia Chong 
Graduating Class of 2010
Vice-President Benjamin Tan Rui Wen
Graduating Class of 2010
Secretary  Hoon Ling Min 
Graduating Class of 2010
Treasurer Kristina Tung Hui Xian
Graduating Class of 2011
Chairman of Events  Hazel Ang Yingqi
Graduating Class of 2011

L-R: Hoon Ling Min, Hazel Ang, Kristina Tung and Jackson Tan.


  • To create an exclusive network where friends keep in touch
  • To create a business web where graduates share their connections with one another
  • To establish a place where alumni can request help and support from the members
  • To build a home ground where alumni can consistently gather together

About the Logo

Phi is a constant that signifies the 'golden ratio/mean' and its higher order is also a function in the Fibonacci theory - which represents the 'natural' sequence of events.

The golden ratio represents our Economics graduates who are shaped into elites and ready to take the workforce by storm with flawlessness and perfection. The Fibonacci sequence depicts the golden destiny paved out after graduation from SOE.

The golden background and the halo ring on the backdrop of the Phi symbol, signify the glow and wisdom embedded within each graduate from the faculty.

Past Events

2013 OVERTIME @ Club Kyo
2012 The birth of SOE Alumni Group


Last updated on 04 Feb 2014 .