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Master of Science in Economics


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Master of Science in Economics

Your Bridge to Strategic Economic Management

Last updated on 27 Mar 2018 .

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"The course has given us a diverse exposure, ranging from public economies to banking economies. Many thanks to all the dedicated and committed lecturers who have shared their valuable knowledge and life experience and all the staff that has contributed to make the course a success."
Tan Chee Seng
Class of 2012
"I find the knowledge gained in macroeconomics very relevant for me as a practitioner in the financial services industry. The many hours spent reading economic journals and papers has refined and improved my research methodology, helping me craft better ideas and arguments to support my investment thesis."
Loh Tick Kwang
Class of 2013
"What amazes me the most is the fact that I have learned so much in such a short time. The amount of knowledge is simply astounding. It is true that we do not have the opportunity to cover more topics as we would have in longer courses. Nevertheless I find that I have learned the basic and necessary tools to continue the adventure myself."
Theresia Anita Candra
Class of 2010
"What I found extremely valuable about the programme is that it shapes one's mindset to delve deeper into issues. We are always confronted with many happenings around the world in the media, but how does today's headlines translate into something that can impact our consumption choices, the broader economy and therefore our lives? Throughout the programme, I was exposed to various aspects of Economics which shed more light towards answering these questions. "
Adeline Tan Zhen Lin
Class of 2012
"The course was great for someone like me who was keen to acquire knowledge about economics despite having no prior academic grounding in the subject. I thoroughly enjoyed learning from the instructors who were knowledgeable about their areas of specialisations, fielded our questions expertly and were able to provide good real world examples to help us understand the theory more easily. "
Jonathan Koh Kian Hua
Class of 2013